Any topic can be selected for 8th grade science fair project provided it uses scientific process. The topic selected for an 8th grade science fair project should not be a replica of an already tried experiment. The individual, who works on the topic, should have complete knowledge about the topic undertaken. The project or experiment, even if it is small should be focused and the demonstration should be complete and easily understandable.

The data and variables should be represented in the graph in a neat and appealing way. Equations can be used to show the relation between the variables. And vague expression of ideas by waving hands should be avoided. Unlike the middle school projects finding resources in encyclopedias or web resources will not be sufficient. Further references need to be done in the recent publications, high school texts etc in order to cover the adult audience. The 8th grade science fair project should be unswerving from the topic given. Display boards need to be used to display the data. The general fields from which one can select topics for 8th grade science fair project are anatomy, astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, mathematics, microbiology, physics, physiology, zoology and so on. The 8th grade science fair project should not be a report submitted on any of the given field. It should involve some experimental research, concept development, some inventions or designing some thing new and so on.
The basic processes involved in an 8th grade science fair project can be explained in different stages. It involves selection of an appropriate topic, collecting the information, preparing the plan on how to proceed, preparing the project based on the plan, trying out the experiment, finding out the implications by analyzing the data, writing the report, making the display of the project, rehearsing for the actual presentation, carrying out the actual presentation. When all these processes are properly carried out then the result will be really amazing.
The presentation of report for 8th grade science fair project should be handled with proper care. Since it is the one which is going to be a record for the work one has done in the 8th grade science fair project. The report should consist of table of contents with list and page numbers, abstract of the project, research report, purpose, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results, conclusions, acknowledgments and bibliography. Care and involvement in the work is essential throughout the working of the project.
Jordan Matthews is a High School Math and Science teacher who has worked as a judge and a coordinator of many science fairs. Check his Science Fair Project ideas website for some more ideas and information, with particular interest in middle school, especially 8th grade science fair projects.


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