Refurbished and recertified chemistry lab equipment is widely available with leading distributors at reasonable prices and offer performance which is as efficient as that of new.
Budget-Friendly Choice
Chemistry lab equipment includes devices such as thermometers, chemistry analyzers, pipettes, glassware, centrifuges, hematology analyzers, sterilizers, blood gas analyzers, distillation equipment and more. By going in for high quality refurbished and recertified models of these devices, small and medium-sized laboratories can cut down their expenses. What's more, the refurbished models available with leading distributors ensure consistent performance as well as the same level of convenience and safety as new devices.

Refurbished to Meet Manufacturer Specifications
Established distributors of lab equipment offer used chemistry laboratory devices after proper refurbishment and recertification. Used devices are recertified after thorough evaluation. If defects are detected, the equipment is disassembled, parts replaced and repair carried out by highly skilled factory trained technicians in adherence to the specifications recommended by the original manufacturers. The refurbished equipment is tested repeatedly to ensure smooth functioning before it is cleaned, packed and recertified. Recertified devices are sold with extended warranty and service contracts, including material service visits and in-house service options.

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Facility to Place Online Orders
Refurbished and recertified chemistry lab devices should be purchased from reliable distributors. Online directories offer relevant information on dealers that can supply excellent recertified lab equipment at reasonable prices. Most of these suppliers maintain online stores displaying their large inventory of recertified and new products.


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