Eighth (or 8th) grade (capitalized and called Grade 8 in Canada) is a year of education in the United States, Canada, Australia and other nations. Students are usually 13 - 14 years old. The eighth grade is typically the final grade before high school, and the ninth grade of public and private education, following kindergarten and subsequent grades. Eighth grade is usually the third of three grades or the second of two grades of middle school, or the second of three grades or first of two grades in junior high school, although some systems mark it as the final year of elementary school and some as the second year of high school (in Quebec or Australia for example).

In Nigeria Grade 8 is the last year of Junior high, as there are no Middle Schools in the Nigerian education system, it is also the first year after Primary School. Pupils (called learners by the Department of Education) are between the ages of 13 and 14. In Belize, Std. 6 is the last year in elementary school.
In Brazil the minimum age required for eighth grade was recently changed from 12 to 13 years old.
In Chile, eighth grade is equivalent to 8° Básico the last year of Enseñanza básica who are aged 13–14.
In Mexico, eighth grade is equivalent to the second year of middle school who are aged 13–14.
The eighth grade mathematics curriculum in Canada and the United States includes either Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, or Geometry. Occasionally Algebra II is also taught in very advanced schools. In some schools, especially the ones that are witnessing the required Basic Standards Test, basic everyday "real world" mathematical skills such as check writing, money management, and geometry are taught as well.
In cultural and language curriculum, many students may opt to take a foreign language course, either for a semester or the full school year.
In the United States, U.S. history is the primary focus in eighth grade social studies.
In some parts of Canada (such as Newfoundland) and the United States, 8th grade is the first year of high school.
In Quebec, eighth Grade is equivalent to Secondary II (French: 2e Secondaire ("deuxieme")) or Secondary Cycle 1, Year 2.
In the U.S, Eight Grade is the last year of Middle School, The average age for kids who are in the eight grade in the U.S. is 14, And most kids are between the age of 13-15.
In India and Pakistan, grade eight is one of the formative years in middle school. Students in grade eight fall into the age group of thirteen to fourteen years old.
In Germany, eighth grade is called 8. Klasse.
In Ireland, the equivalent is 2nd year of secondary school.
In Italy, eighth grade is equivalent to what is referred colloquially as terza media or terzo anno delle scuole medie (officially Scuola secondaria di primo grado), and is the final year of Middle School.
In Latvia, eighth grade is called 8.Klase and is the last year of elementary school, with children aged 14–15.
Intermediate/Middle/Junior High School is again entered in "de eerste klas" (1e klas). Eighth grade there is called de tweede klas (for 13–14 years olds) which literally means "the second class/year (in middle school)"".
In the United Kingdom:
Grade 8 is not equivalent to Year 8 (Form 2) in the English and Welsh school systems, which is for students 12–13 years old and is the second year of secondary school. Eighth grade is actually equivalent to Year 9 (Form 3). These children are aged 13 - 14.
In Northern Ireland, 13-14 year olds are in year 10 or 3rd year (secondary school).


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